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1) What are your Policies?
2) When is my " Charge Card charged "?
3) Error Code Appears at Checkout
4) How do I Track my Shippment?
5) How do I get "Customer Coupon Codes"?
6) How do I see my "Account History"?
7) Can I keep my "Shopping Cart" for later?
8) Do you offer "Gift Wrapping"?
9) Can I Change the crystal colors?  
10) Can I have Crystals put on my own items?  
(11) Can I order Reading Glasses in a Different Strength other than shown?  
(12) Can I have an Optometrist put in my on Strength?
(13) How Do I Clean my items?  
(14) I have lost some Crystals on my Jimmy Crystal Product. 

Q: What are your Policies?
      A: Privacy and Security, Return Policy, Shipping Rates, Sales Taxes and more can be found in our Store Policies.   [Back to Top]

Q: When is my " Charge Card charged "?
      A: Anything custom ordered is always charged to a charge card at the time of transaction. Airfares, Hotels, Wedding Cakes. Each Jimmy Crystal item is made to your specifications. Yes, your charge card is charged at time of purchase.   [Back to Top]

Q: Error Code Appears at Checkout
     A:  If you are trying to check out and you receive an error message, 99% of the time, it is problem with how the data was entered. The most common mistake is not using the right expiration date of the charge card or Security Code. Try the following steps.

  • Recheck Expiration Date
  • Recheck Security Code
  • You should also review --- Your Name, Address, City, State, and Zip, must be the same as the information on the Charge Card.

If you still receive an error message, Here is a link to more Error Codes, or Contact us by Phone or Email at Customer Service.   [Back to Top

Q: How do I Track my Shippment?
     A:  Upon shipping, JCBling sends you an email with the Tracking Number ( Issued by the Carrier ) notifiing you that your product is being shipped. Enter your tracking number supplied by JCBling email at or   [Back to Top]

Q: How do I get "Customer Coupon Codes"?
    A:   Customer promotion codes, allow our customers who enter the correct code (supplied by to receive a predefined discount off the entire order. During Step 2 of the Checkout process, you will see a Box Labeled " "Enter Code."  Click on the link (Click Here to View Promo Codes and Discounts) To receive the latest Discounts or Promtional codes.   [Back to Top]

Q: How do I see my "Account History"?
      A: Your Account History includes all of your shopping information including: Invoice Dates, activity (credit, sale), Invoice Numbers, Confirmation Numbers,  Invoice Totals and status (ordered, shipped, etc.).   " View your Account History ".   [Back to Top]

Q: Can I keep my "Shopping Cart" for later?
      A: Yes! Either Register or Sign in to your existing account. When you go to your Shopping Cart, the followings become available, " Save Cart | Select Cart | Empty Cart".   [Back to Top]

Q: Do you offer "Gift Wrapping"?
     A:  Only during Special Holidays. This allows the customer to send items purchased as gifts. You will be prompted for a separate ship-to address and a personal message to be included with the gift when checking out. If you have a special request, Contact Us.   [Back to Top]

Q: Can I Change the crystal colors?  
      A: Yes!!!  Any item in our store may be custom designed by you. Simply choose the style number and enter the crystal color desired.
Caution:  We have made every effort to display, as accurately as possible, the colors of our products online. However, since the actual color you see depends on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any color will be accurate.  If you need assistance in choices of colors, or recommendations, before purchasing, Contact Us.   [Back to Top]

Q: Can I have Crystals put on my own items?  
      A: Yes!!! Contact us and we will make the arrangements for you. We have customers that order their company logo in Crystals for their cell phone covers. Others, like to be a little more dramatic and crystallize their laptops.   [Back to Top]
Q: Can I order Reading Glasses in a Different Strength other than shown?  
     A:  No! The Drop Down menu on each product specifies the only strength available for that style. Reading glasses are available in common strengths of 150, 200, & 250. Here are some additional links to help you find the Reading Glasses just right for you. Reading Glasses by Strength: 100,   125,   150,   175,   200,   225,   250,   275,  300,   325,   350.   [Back to Top]

Q: Can I have an Optometrist put in my on Strength?
      A: Yes...!!!  Certain styles can be modified by a Qualified Optometrist. Only the styles on these 2 links are recommended for modifications. Jimmy Crystal Reading Glasses Convert RX . ......... Jimmy Crystal Sunglasses Convert to RX.
Caution: Optometrist work may lose a few crystals. You can send the glasses back to factory for Crystal Replacements ONLY!  Please contact our office for Return Authorization. If Optometrist damages the product in any way, they are responsible for product replacement.   [Back to Top]

Q: How Do I Clean my items?                  
      A: Since each item is custom made and every crystal is hand placed, use a soft dry cloth and gently wipe. Never submerge in water, Its that simple!. I always put my glasses back in their case when not in use.  I have found this protects the crystals and the lenses.   [Back to Top

Q: I have lost some Crystals on my Jimmy Crystal Product.
      A: If purchased your product from JCBling, we can help you! If you did not purchase the product from JCBling, you will need to contact Jimmy Crystal's office at 800-251-2116 .[Back to Top]




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