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About JCBling

About Us

 JCBling Girls Club is a division of : JDR Marketing L.L.C.

Carrying High End Fashion Accessories.  Operating web sites since 1994

History of JCBling:
Customized Products with your choice of crystal colors to match your Wadrobe. What would happen if we could offer the ability to customize the Crystal Colors, on their Fashion Accessories Online? So many women like to have an accessory that can match with her wardrobe. What if we could offer unmatched Customer Service, would a woman buy from us?  We are proud to say, " Yes, where did you get that Bling?
Office Information:
Visit Customer Service for your Account Information, Office Hours, Contact Information.
Product Categories: Each piece is made to order with a choice of over 120 different Swarovski Crystal colors.
What's Hot at JCBling - Monthly Specials - Special Priced Items - Sunglasses - Reading Sunglasses - Convert to RX Sunglasses - Polarized Sunglasses - Reading Glasses - Convert to RX Readers - Eyeglass Chains - Watches Swarovski Crystal - Ball Point Pens - Business Card Cases - Compact Mirrors - Electronics - Gifts for Her - Gifts for Him - Health and Beauty - Home & Office - Jewelry Department --Bracelets --Earrings --Mens --Necklaces --Rings - Picture Frames - Purses - Shoes & Shoe Clips - Wedding Gift Ideas - JCBling eGift Cards - $ 25.00 eGift Card - $ 50.00 eGift Card - $ 75.00 eGift Card - $ 100.00 eGift Card - $ 200.00 eGift Card - Lady Gaga Sun Glasses -  - Personalize It Your Way - Sunglasses w/ Your Initials - Team Sport Colors - Womens Charities - Breast Cancer Awareness - Ovarian Cancer Awareness - Cancer Ribbon Colors - Shipping Fees Outside USA - Canada Shipping Fee
This store has allowed us to hear so many woman say the exact same thing, " Johnnie,  I feel so good, when I get the compliments that I do, and you won't believe how many people ask me " Where did you get those? "
JCBling's Motto is: God provides the food for the bird.....He does not place it in its nest.
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Johnnie: CEO
International WHO'S WHO of Professional Marketing:
A lifetime of achievments and awards, she brings her expertise to the Internet World with a passion for excellence. In todays fast changing world of internet shopping, it is important to bring the latest in technology and communications to our customers.


Ron: Director of Operations
Computers have come a long way for the eaarly 1980's. Due to the increase in Data Transmission Speed, and Software enhancements, it is neccessary to continually update the store. To get this accomplished, a dedicated Team had to be selected to share the vision, that you see today.


Cameron: Director of Marketing:
Young, Bold and Fresh ideas, keeps the company in a continual state of change.
Some ideas will take as long as one year to complete and the tenacity to see them implemented. Cameron is a great asset to the companies visions.
Cameron is the Male Vocal singer of Evergreen by Barbara Streisand. Song recorded for Ron & Johnnies Evergreen Life  30th Wedding Aniversary.


Bethany: Director of Administration:
Without a great Administrator, the company would fall apart. Known for her meticulous attention to detail, allows the company to run smooth and efficient.
Bethany is the Female Vocal singer of Evergreen by Barbara Streisand. Song recorded for Ron & Johnnies Evergreen Life 30th Wedding Aniversary.


Arione: Director of Communications
Featured on YouTube, she rounds out the company with the skills needed for commuications and Press Releases.


JCBling License2Bling Frame:
We love the attention we get from having a License2Bling License plate frame on the company car. The Ultimate Bling is having a License2Bling Frame that Compliments your Fashion Accessories.For a complete line of specialized License Plate Frames,
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Bailey: Office Cat

My phone skills are pretty limited so I don’t do a ton of work on our ecommerce side but I’m the most popular employee we have.

Bailey is a breed of Cat known as " Ragdoll " . We think she wears a wrist watch. At exactly the same time everyday, she lets us know it is time to close shop and feed her. To learn more about the personalities of this breed, Google " Ragdoll Cats"
Fact: Blink at your Cat, If they blink back, they love you too!