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JCBling Terms and Conditions

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Your order will be delivered exactly as shown on the screen. Double Check order for Colors, Size, Strengths or any other feature where applicable.

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Upon receiving your shipment, inspect your order immediately. Should you notice a defect, notify us within 10 business days  by contacting Customer Service.

When is my " Charge Card charged "?Anything custom ordered is always charged to a charge card at the time of transaction. Airfares, Hotels, Wedding Cakes. Each item is made to your specifications. Yes, your charge card is charged at time of purchase.

How soon can I get my order?
3 to 5 weeks is the normal delivery time. Each order is custom made to fit your specifications. Please allow an additional week for orders placed during a holiday season, such as Christmas or Valentines day.  Orders may take longer to process during the months of April-September, the height of wedding season. Please indicate your event date on your order so we can help ensure you will receive your order in time.