Error Codes at Checkout

  • The information contained herein has been designed to help you better understand our billing system and the measures we take to ensure your credit card security is at the highest level of protection when placing orders via online. In order for us to ensure that all orders we receive that are paid by credit card are not fraudulent, we urge all our visitors and customers to read this to have a better understanding of what we require and the security measures we take into action when processing all credit card orders. 
  • Also, if you are experiencing problems placing an order, this information will help you determine why your card is being declined. A space has been provided during your checkout process for the CVV number. The CVV number is required because it lets our system know that the person placing an order actually has the credit card in hand. Most credit card thieves will “skim” credit cards which mean they will obtain your actual number but do not physically have the card in hand. As such, they will use internet businesses, mail order catalogs, etc... to place fraudulent orders because these forms of businesses do not see the actual card.
  • To locate your CVV number, you will find it to be the very last 3 digits on the back of your credit card on all credit cards, except for American Express, which is 4 digits. This security code will be required after you enter your credit card number in our website. If you are unable to read your security code or you are not sure, please call your credit card provider.
  • Our credit card system has also implemented a security feature called an “Address Verification System” (AVS). This ensures that when you enter the correct billing address and zip code on your order, it MUST MATCH WHAT YOU HAVE ON FILE WITH THE BANK THAT HAS ISSUED YOUR CREDIT CARD! In other terms, if it does not match, your order will be declined automatically.

If you are requesting us to ship an order somewhere other than your billing address (your work location, a gift for someone, etc..) please take note that your order may experience a slight delay due to the fact that additional verification procedures with the issuing bank will be taken to ensure that the order received has not been obtained on a stolen credit card. We apologize for the inconvenience and frustrations this may cause, however, please take note that we take credit card security very seriously.

Should you have any questions regarding the infomation contained herein, please Contact Us.

Status Code Status Message Description Status Detail

10301 This credit card number is invalid. Customer's credit card number was invalid.

10400 This account does not have sufficient funds to process this transaction. The attempted transaction exceeded the customer's credit limit on the credit card.  The transaction failed.

10401 The request to process this transaction has been declined. The card issuer/processor refused to authorize the transaction. For example, the account may have been closed, or activities may have been temporarily stopped for that card due to security reasons.

10402 The merchant bank account does not support this type of credit card. The type of card used in the transaction is not approved for the merchant account.

10409 A validation error occurred while processing this transaction: Please correct values and try processing again. Incorrect Card, Verification Code, Incorrect Zip Code, Incorrect Street Address, Incorrect Street Address and Zip Code, Card Verification Code not available, Street Address and/or Zip Code not available.

10415 This transaction has been declined because the credit card used for the original transaction has expired. For example, this error could occur if the card in question has expired between the time of authorization and the time of an attempted capture.

10416 This transaction was already submitted and processed.  A check transaction is being duplicated.

10419 Number of transactions exceeds allowed daily maximum. The limit for the number of check transactions in a day has been exceeded.

10420 Transaction flagged and declined due to risk. The check transaction was declined due to suspected fraud.

10500 A general error occurred at the processing gateway. An unknown server error occurred that prevents processing of the qbmsxml request.

10501 A general system error occurred while processing the request. An unknown server error occurred that prevents processing.