Business Quotes that helped our company

Business Quotes that helped our company
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Success is the aggregation of the fruitful parts of many failures!

Not matter what has failed, you can learn something from it. Not only do you learn what not to do, but, you learn what fruitful part can be added to the next decision. If you are 40 years old, you have lived 14,600 days. Trust me, you have a storage vault of successes and failures in your brain to draw from.

Find the Best and Copy it! 

In 1988 he founded Perot Systems Corporation, Inc. in Plano, Texas. His son, Ross Perot, Jr., eventually succeeded him as CEO. In September 2009, Perot Systems was acquired by Dell for $3.9 billion. People asked him, " How did you become so successful "? His answer was simple, " Find the Best and most Successful, copy it and make it better. ! "

Crush the competition!

How do you become Successful? You find your competitions weakness and it becomes your weapon of strength. Crush the competition is the mantra of Donald Trump in one of his interviews years ago. Business Plan!

" God Provides The Food for the Bird, He Does Not Place It In The Nest " . In other words, " If you want something, its Not Free ". It is hard work and constant learning, but it sure pays off.


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