• Women's Sunglasses with Rhinestone Crystals

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  • New Trend Honeymoon Alone at the Beach

    According to the New York Times, people are booking separate, solo vacations or trendy “unimoons"

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This window cleaner is a gift from Heaven

Clean your windows quickly and effectively Wash and dry both sides of the windows at the same time Get twice the result with just half the effort. Can be used for sliding doors, windows, shower screens, mirrors, any glass surfaces...

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Help With COPD

COPD require as many as 10 times more calories

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A COPD patient needs to put in extra effort to breathe. Due to the extra effort your body needs to put in, it may require as many as 10 times more calories.

Copd and Animals - Lightweight Cat Litter

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Lightweight Cat Litter is the perfect answer for COPD people who have difficulty lifting heavy items. Instead of a sand or clay base, Rice Hulls create a lightweight cat litter...

Copd and Animals - Cat Litter

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Look for Dust Free and Fragrance Free. The best I have found is at Walmart. The price is great and has great Clumping action. The price is affordable and it...

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